Dutch Kitchen Hutchinson Ks

Dutch Kitchen Restaurant The idea of an ‘Amish-inspired restaurant’ may not fill you with much hope, but the Dutch Kitchen Restaurant will definitely surprise you. Specialising in chicken, potatoes, breads and pastries, including a famously good selection of pie, the restaurant has recently come under new management. However, apart from a few modernising tweaks and […]

How To Unlock Bedroom Door Without Key

Turn the key both directions. There’s no universal standard for which way a key turns to unlock a door. Even if you know which way is “unlock,” turning the key further toward the “locked” direction sometimes causes the lock to unjam. If you can get the key to turn a short distance past the full […]

Gray And Teal Bathroom

TealAs the colour blue is known for its peaceful and tranquil qualities and green symbolises nature and new beginnings, these two colours combined as the tertiary colour teal produce a most agreeable effect when used in the home.Teal is muted, sophisticated and relaxing. It brings to mind calm tropical waters and is often a colour […]

Workplace Bathroom Laws

Restroom Break Laws Discussing bathroom breaks at the workplace can embarrass people; however, it is a necessary communication between employers and employees. Here are a few things you should know about restroom/bathroom break labor laws. OSHA Sanitation Standard OSHA requires employers to provide employees with toilet facilities in restrooms separated for men and women. Employers […]

Hot Kitchen Nyc

You know you are not in a generic “Chinese” restaurant when items like General Tso’s chicken and Orange Flavor Beef are relegated to their own section on menu under the title “American Chinese Food.” You will find these and other familiar members of the Chinese American canon dismissively situated, like the kid’s section, in the […]

L Shaped Kitchen Ideas

BHG.com Kitchens Kitchen Layouts L-Shaped Kitchen Design Beautiful L-shaped kitchens with smart designs and classy stylings Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Prev View all Next × Prev View all Next Prev View all Next Popular In Kitchen Layouts Coffee Stations Worthy of a Barista’s Dreams Kitchen Floor Plan Basics Open Kitchen Layouts […]

Copper Bathroom Sinks

Elegant and Beautiful Copper Bathroom Sinks Premier Copper Products is proud to offer an unbeatable selection of fine copper bathroom sinks suitable for a simple and function master bathroom to the most demanding of guest accommodations, and everything in between. Our beautiful and authentic hand hammered copper bathroom sinks are available in a great variety […]

Eat In Kitchen

BHG.com Kitchens Eat-In Kitchens Eat-In Kitchens An eat-in kitchen is multitasking at its best. Not only does it provide a place for friends and family to hang out while dinner is being made, but an eat-in kitchen can also double as an additional food prep area. Plus, eat-in kitchens aren’t limited to one configuration or […]

Wall Stickers For Baby Room

All wall decals for kid’s rooms from Oopsy daisy are removable and re-positionable, giving children freedom to change their decor without damaging their walls. Children wall decals from Oopsy daisy include options like monkey wall decals, alphabet wall decals, and other baby room wall decals. Find the perfect baby nursery wall decals or wall decals […]

Kitchen Shelf Brackets

Shelf Brackets Select designer shelf brackets which exemplify the design theme in your room when you choose from our wide selection at Van Dyke’s. We offer Mission, Arts and Crafts, and many more styles tailored to fine antique, period, and contemporary décor. Our handmade cast iron shelf brackets are powder-coated for long-lasting, durable beauty, and […]