Storage Container Sizes

Standard 8ft Wide Mobile Storage Standard portable storage units come in the largest variety of lengths and door options in the industry. 10’ Container Our 10' portable storage unit is good for small jobs or light inventory. Storage Details 15’ Container Our container designed to fit into one parking space, the 15' portable storage unit […]

Living Room Area Rug

Sell on Houzz – Learn MoreWhat materials are best for area rugs?It’s recommended that you don’t skimp when it comes to purchasing a new area rug, as high quality natural fibers like wool and silk are best but tend to be more expensive. Other natural fibers such as jute, grass and sisal can cost less […]

70s Living Room

The 70s was a study in contradiction: austerity and decadence, drab earth tones and campy colors, nature-loving hippiedom and high-tech futurism. In his book 70s House, David Heathcote argues that the decade was a significant “watershed” for interior domestic design, marking the transition from the Modernist 60s to an era in which “style and the […]

Kitchen Essentials Food

Most men believe that if they find the right recipe, dinner will turn out great. But the truth is, with the right foods you don’t even need a recipe. If you cook with the same ingredients again and again, you learn which other foods play well with them; soon enough, you’re freestyling your own inventions. […]

Painting Ideas For Kitchen

How To Paint A Kitchen – Prepping The Kitchen For Painting Remove curtains, wall hangings, and switch and outlet cover plates from the walls of your kitchen. Remove your kitchen tables, chairs, rugs and stools. Arrange drop cloths to protect any areas of the kitchen not to be painted. Make sure all of your silverware, […]

Small Bedroom Furniture Decorating Small-Space Decorating Small-Room Strategies Furniture for Small Bedrooms Choosing the right furniture for your small bedroom can maximize space and make a pint-size room live larger than its square footage. By Kathy Barnes Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Print More Oops, we’re sorry. Something went wrong. Please try again later. Oops, we’re […]

Baby Bathroom Decor

Baby & Kids Baby & Kids' Décor Baby & Kids' Décor Featured Categories Kids' Wall Art Kids' Curtains Kids' Wall Stickers Kids' Framed Art Wall Letters Mobiles Bed Canopies Kids' Mirrors Kids' & Teen Decorative Pillows Growth Charts Kids' Wallpaper Kids' Clocks Kids' Bookends Memory Boards Kids' Jewelry Boxes & Holders Kids' Picture Frames Kids' […]

White Backsplash Kitchen

Looking for a kitchen backsplash on a budget? Try a beaded board backsplash. White beaded board covers this kitchen backsplash, but stops short of the ceiling, allowing a rich shade of taupe paint to warm up the mostly-white room. The classic backsplash idea is the perfect addition to a cozy cottage kitchen. Classic Cottage Looking […]

Model Home Living Room

Featured Homes Share Facebook Twitter Google + Stumbleupon LinkedIn Pinterest If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a manufactured home (MH) video tour can be worth millions of words. We love sharing the stories of those who live in modern manufactured homes. The stories about those professionals who work in the MH industry […]